Crockpot Pasta Fagioli

I kept seeing “Crockpot Pasta Fagioli” all over Pinterest, but they weren’t linked to any pictures. So I searched all over the internet until I found a recipe I liked. And then I changed it. It’s the perfect soup. Chunky, lots of color, and the right amount of juice. Personally, I thought this was the best soup I’d ever made.

So without further adieu, here is my recipe for crockpot Pasta Fagioli:

Ingredients: 1lb of ground turkey, 1 can of Italian style tomatoes (or more if you really like them), a half to a full jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce, 1.5 cups of spiral noodles (we used veggie noodles for secret added nutrition), 2 cups of your favorite beans (we used an assortment of black, pinto, kidney and white), a few handfuls of diced carrots, 2.5 tsp of dried oregano (more if you’re using fresh), 2 tsp pepper, salt to taste, 32 ounces of chicken broth and a cup of beef broth.

(I added some celery sauteed in butter to mine, but my husband doesn’t like it, so it stayed out of the main pot).

Brown turkey meet. Put into the crockpot with everything (except the pasta)

Cook on high for 4-5 hours (low if you cook all day). During the last hour, add the pasta.

Served best with corn bread.

delicious topped with parmesan.

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