I was told by Jesus that all was well.

The first time it happened at camp. The power kept going out. A storm raged outside, lightning shut down the sound system. But sure enough, I felt Him pass by. You can call me crazy, I’ll never forget that feeling, like something bigger, greater than I could ever understand was in the room with me.

I was told by Jesus that all was well.

When my heart was broken, really broken for the first time. For months I couldn’t breathe without it hurting, so great was my pain. He turned my tears into prayers for my husband, a boy I had met but didn’t truly know. I didn’t know my prayers went to him, a young man so steeped in pain that the timing of my prayers had to be divine.

I was told by Jesus that all was well.

When I had my second child. The economy was frightening. My emotions were even scarier. I knelt face down on the floor of my church and praised God for this child I didn’t know how to care for. I praised Him for her health, for her wondrous eyes, for who she would be someday- a person I couldn’t seem to envision. In a room full of people, I heard His whisper.

I was told by Jesus all was well.

When my mom called and told me she had cancer. I was sitting in my in-laws driveway. It was winter and cold. My children were sleeping in their car seats and the back of the car was filled with Christmas presents.

When I heard the prognosis, standing in front of the Christmas tree. Green and white lights burning into my mind with words I would never forget.

When she breathed her last, her blessed eyes opening one last time to look at me.

I was told by Jesus all was well.

I suppose that is what hope is all about. Not hoping that Jesus will speak, for He already has. But inclining our ear to hear the message.

All is well.

How foolish that I once grasped at my own dreams, when they were so small, so one-dimensional compared to the delight my Father in heaven has given me. My children, once so overwhelmingly confusing to me, are my delight. My heartbeat. My mother is alive and well in the presence of my God.

Today, Jesus says to you, “All is well.”

Now, I’m off to kiss my husband.


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