Doing Church.

Our family went to church tonight. On the way, Izzy shared her thoughts about the last time we were at church (Sunday morning). “It was a miracle day,” she said with a happy sigh. “I started by reading my Bible, then Briella was there, then I went on stage and sang with Briella during worship, and then I played a game and won!”

Tonight, while the kids were in their classes, Nick and I sat in on the adult service. The preacher on Wednesday nights is a man named Andy Green. He has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. His prognosis is not good. But his faith is big. His love for God seems untainted by doubt. He knows where he is going. When I left, with tears in my eyes, I took one major thought with me. “God is never late.”

Nick stepped into the youth group for a few minutes. He and others gathered around a student that is moving away. They prayed, some cried. What a precious moment. The student and his family are very important to the church, to our family. We are losing one of the best babysitters we have ever had. And yet, I spoke with another girl about taking on the job. She seemed happy, her blue- spiked hair nodding eagerly, guitar in hand.

I loaded the girls up in the car and then drove around to pick up Nick, just in time to see him do a trick on a student’s bike. My little ones chastised Daddy for being unsafe and then asked him to do it again. He complied. On the way home, Eva told us, “At home, I gonna ride my bike and jump it. Then bring it to church and show everyone my super, cool trick.”

We communally told her that she was still too young to do that, though she insisted she was little enough. Through the laughter, I drove my family home content. Tonight, we went to church.


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