Dear Women,

Last month, 50 or so of us arrived on a hill overlooking Medford. It was beautiful. The wind was blowing. A tree, adorned with hanging purple blossoms and buzzing bees, stretched over us like an umbrella. With the darkening sky above, candles on a wooden platform, and the ever-brightening city lights below, we gathered. We broke bread together, we laughed together, we prayed together, we worshiped God together.

And we were given a challenge. Posed a question. Urged to think beyond.

What if . . .

What if we 50 women chose to love each other? And not just each other, but other women in our lives. What if we chose not to be petty? What if we chose not to judge one another, and also to not compare? What if we didn’t  look at another’s shoes, shirt, or hairstyle to see how we measured up? What if, instead of just trading polite conversation, we genuinely meant it when we asked, “How are you?” ?

What if we supported the other women in our lives authentically? What if we made a serious effort to not speak disparaging about other women? What if, when we said we would pray for another, we actually did it?

There were only 50 of us there, of all ages, of all sizes, of all personality types. But if those 50 alone made an attempt to model Christ’s love to each other, it would greatly impact our families, and in turn, our city.

The truth is, we need each other. Moms need other moms. We all need sisters. We need grandmothers. And from a woman whose mother is no longer on earth, trust me when I say that we need mothers. Even if they’re not our own. We need someone to call in those moments of panic. We need support. We need a listening ear for advice. Iron sharpens iron. We need to fill the gaps that have been left by disease, loss, division. We can be the healing balm.

We need each other.

And we all know how difficult women can be.

So . . . I am going to try, and I would ask you to try with me.

Let’s try to not be petty this week. Let’s try to not say one negative thing about another. Let’s try to speak words of life. Let’s try to not let our emotions rule over us. Let’s just give it a try . . . And let’s stop judging the other women we come into contact with. Let’s stop comparing ourselves. It’s pointless. And to be honest, it makes us ugly. Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain . . .

When we think about what we want, let’s try to be pretty on the inside first. I have a feeling that that sort of beauty will pour out. 



2 thoughts on “Dear Women,

  1. Amen Sister! I gladly accept the challenge and my heart does a little leap as I think about how the Lord is so pleased.

    Lord bless you for your beautiful and truthful words of encouragement.

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