A real name…

Hard boiled eggs and messy dye; my children decorating and then hiding their artwork in the grass, then counting and re-counting just to make sure that they were all found afterward, candy and treats inside the plastic ones . . . these moments make for good memories.

The smell of a ham baking. Family gathered around the food, snacking, laughing, complaining about the heat of the kitchen . . . these days I will remember always.

Hunting for the hidden Easter basket in the house, unwrapping goodies and fun gifts . . . laughter is priceless.

Easter. Spring. New life. This time of year brings an array of happiness to so many.

And for others it brings relief because it is a reminder.

A reminder that death was defeated. A reminder that, though Christ died, He rose again. He defeated death, he beat the insatiable grave, to walk again. To offer this hope to us.

It doesn’t end here.

This morning, Lori Corliss, my husband’s grandma, the woman that raised him, breathed her last breath on earth. We were not ready for her to go. But can you ever be ready for the loss of love?

But it didn’t end in that bed. It didn’t end with her last breath. It didn’t end with those last kisses. It didn’t end with those last hugs and expressions of love. Because she is with Jesus. I know this, because she told us she loved Him. He was her Savior.

She’s alive. Praise God, she’s alive. With new eyes that can see brilliant colors and the face of her Heavenly Father. She was so excited to go to church this weekend, but God brought her even closer. Not just into the assembly of His people, but right into His presence. Her legal name was Violet, and she hated it. She went by Lori all her days. I can’t wait to hear the name that God has for her. The name He chose straight from His heart. She’s hearing it now. Beautiful. Treasured. Child of God.

I don’t know why she had to go today. But I know where she is.

This week is not about eggs, food, the gathering of family, or even filing into a church building (though all of those things are good and fun). It’s about Jesus Christ, who conquered death.

“But thank God, He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

1 Corinthians 15:57

This is what I wrote on the subject a year ago . . . Click here.


6 thoughts on “A real name…

  1. Wow!! Thank you so much for this Katie!!! Thank you for the reminder or what the “reason for the season” truly is!!! Blessings and prayers to you and your family. Give Nick my best and I am so sorry for your loss!!!
    “Asleep on earth to awaken in heaven” -this is on my granny and papa’s headstone… I love it!!

  2. katie – this is beautiful. And oh so true. So read it again, and again whenever you feel the pain of loss.

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