Just another attitude adjustment.

I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

My house is a mess. Dirty carpet. Dirty dishes.

I’ve stepped in pee more times than I can count.

I just hit my elbow on a chair.

And the computer that I am trying to write from (and am supposed to be working from home on today) is not working. It’s gonna hit the dust soon and there’s no replacement coming soon.

My girls occupied themselves long enough to give me a semi break, but then I saw that Eva was writing on my new table.

So what am I going to do about it?

I’m going to think on what’s true. Pure. Real.

I am tired because I chose to stay up late. It’s no one’s fault but mine. My house is messy because my children are living life and making memories.  I’d take the mess any day. There’s pee on the floor because my 2 year old is FINALLY trying to potty train and actually doing a great job and I am so proud of her! The chair I hit my elbow on is from a new dining set that I finally got after 5 years of wishing. I’m not used to it’s placement in the house yet. And the computer is one more computer than we had two months ago. I’m gonna get all the use out of while I can. And… I get to work from home… which is what I’ve always wanted.

If I could… I would freeze time. Right now. With my babies young making messes and yelling with joy. This is the good stuff right here.

Thinking on what’s true. Real. Pure.

Our minds cannot always be trusted. Our bodies want to complain. Our bodies are not made to remind us of the good. We… have to remind ourselves.

So I’m gonna go now. And do something useful with myself. And besides… this loaner computer just started playing some Kenny G jazz something or other and I really cannot stand another minute of it.

Today is a good day. Thank you, Lord.

(feel free to add your own thankfulness or attitude adjustments below!)


6 thoughts on “Just another attitude adjustment.

  1. So so true! I love your thoughts. I too, have been reminded latley. I complain about our small apartment and not being able to get nice things to decorate…. thinking about having kids and how to afford them, and the never ending list of things to pay and do. But today Josh and I had a glorious date day…we came home to our cozy, warm apartment, made a yummy dinner, made a fort and had some wine. I told Josh that i would live in a shack as long as i had him, our small two person family. Its so easy to see the things that i think i need, and how it would “make” my life better, when in reality, it doesnt matter, I have a loving husband, a roof over my head, money to splurge, and a blessed life. My heart is thankful. I am thankful for you! 🙂

    1. Jamie! I love your thoughts! I love that you share so much and so fully. Never stop sharing. I am so proud of you.

    1. Thank you for saying so! I hope it to be refreshing… since I often write after long days of potty-training, diapers, and meals cooked… 🙂

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