A brick in one hand, a sword in the other.

Once upon a time there was a man who was hired to work for a king. He served as the cup-bearer, to taste the king’s drink first just in case the drink had been poisoned. The city of his birth was falling, and this man grieved over the downfall of his town. When the king learned of this, he sent the man back to his city with resources, blessing, and protection.

With the blessing and help of the king, the man went back to his home town and began to rebuild the city walls. However, there were others outside of the city, enemies, who were angered when they learned of this, and they sought to stop the efforts. They sought to destroy what was being built up.

But the man did not stop, and his people worked with him. With the blessing of the king, and the protection from God above, they rebuilt the city walls. Half stood guard, while the other half worked. And the half that worked did so with a sword in one hand.

Everyone worked with a weapon to defend their wives, their children, their friends and family, and the city they were rebuilding. And when trouble came, they rushed to help. To serve, to protect, to rebuild the city. At any cost. This was their purpose.

Nick told me about this last night. What an amazing story. A true story, recording by history and the Bible, about a man named Nehemiah. He was a man who did whatever it cost to serve his purpose.

I wonder what would happen if we were so passionate and so dedicated to whatever it was we were defending?

It makes me think about us. And how sometimes we so quickly let things go. It’s too hard. Too painful. Too risky. And so we just let it go. Is something good about to crumble in your life?

Are you willing to defend it no matter what the cost? No matter what the threat? I’ll tell you this, if God called you to it, there is no safer place to be then building the wall back up with one hand, and carrying a sword in the other. Defending to the very end that which we were called to rebuild, that which we were called to keep alive, to not let die.

Nehemiah 4:20. “When you hear the blast of the trumpet, rush to where it is sounding. Then our God will fight for us!”

This gives me such hope. Such hope. God will fight for us.

When the wall was finished… the known world marveled. They knew that the work had only been accomplished by the help of God above.


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