It’s not all relative.

It’s not all relative. Not all paths lead to the same place. It’s not about “what’s works for you” and “what works for me.”

It’s about Jesus.

Only Jesus.

Nothing will fill that void enough. Nothing will heal you enough. Nothing will leave you satisfied enough. Except Jesus.

There are momentary satisfactions and pleasures. There are fleeting fancies that fill the mind and distract enough for a time. But only Jesus is complete. Forever. Never-ending.

You cannot become so intellectual that you surpass your ability to believe, for He created the mind.

You cannot search far enough to find proof that something else was responsible for all of this, for He was there before time began. It was always Him. It will always be Him.

You cannot become strong enough, smart enough, loved enough to outgrow your need for Him, for you live in a mortal body.

Nothing will satisfy you as He will for you were created to love Him and to be loved by Him.

But it is not so limiting. It is surreal the world that has opened up to me through the hands of my Creator. I chose Him, and then He laid out a number of possibilities for me to choose. I am complete in Him. I am lacking nothing. My heart literally overflows with all He has given me. My heart and house is full.

I have hope.

Some of you will waste your lives away trying to prove that it’s not Him.

When you could have be living. Truly living.

Right now. Let today be the day you choose Him.





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