to be a mama. (Letters to my children)

Dear daughters,

God told me He loved me. I read it in His word. I always believed it. I Never turned away. It’s always been more true than the breath in my lungs.

But when your daddy gave me his love, I felt God say, “Now you will learn to live.”

And when I first looked in your eyes, Izzy, I saw Jesus. He said, “Katie, I trust you with this lovely little one. She will teach you how to be brave.”

Eva, I was terrified to be your mama. I spent many nights afraid. And each time, the Lord whispered in my ear, “I gave you this one special. She will teach you how to delight.”

When I hold you, my girls, I know that the Lord is holding me. I always knew He was real, but through you two, I feel Him. I feel His love.

And I love being your mama.

I love getting up in the middle of the night. Not because it’s easy, but because you need me and I am able to be there.

I love the long, tiring days. Not because they are easy, but because I am teaching you now how to be brave. How to delight. How to live.

All I do, I do for you. That you will ultimately know the love of the Savior that gave you to me. It’s all about Him.

It’s about now. It’s about eternity. Every step. A building block upon the one set before it. Every little thing I do for you, a treasure uncovered, a jewel tucked away, powerful words that will return when you need them most.

Not because I was ever strong enough. But because He gave you to me and He makes me strong. And as I hope you will one day realize, a mama can do almost anything. Those songs that talk about crossing mountains and oceans take on a whole new meaning now.

Because I would for you.

But for now, all you need me to do is play dollhouse and Mr. Potato head. And so… I will. For you.


2 thoughts on “to be a mama. (Letters to my children)

  1. Very nice Katie and very true, our Children are what it is all about. It gives us the strength to keep going and trying harder to do better each day so that they will have a good life. And it never stops, caring for and loving our Children is ageless, and even when they are 20 or 50 you will never stop caring and trying to help make their lives better because thats what Mothers do, and we hope and pray that someday when they are grown and have Children of their own they will remember and look back with Love at all the caring that was a part of their upbringing.

  2. i just love every powerful and beautiful word. ❤ what a blessing your babies are, my friend! ❤ how much GOD truly loves us!

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