My advice for today:

Hold your tongue (or in the case of facebook, your fingers).

Laughing in the face of hard times doesn’t make you crazy, it makes you smart.

Tea bags are great for swollen eyes.

And cookies really do make you feel tons better.

Make a block castle with your kids and laugh about silly things.

Clean your house if it will make you feel better.

And eat more cookies. But don’t forget to eat your veggies too.

Oh… if you have a spouse, kiss him/ her often. Cause that’s the most important relationship of all. And re-establishing connection does wonders when the world is giving you the finger.

And NEVER take your eyes off of Jesus.


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  1. Sweet words Katie. We are in the Yukon today. A lot of miles of trave. We woke to snow yesterday morning and decided to get out of there. It was still snowing but the Lord kept His hand upon us and we were OK. I am not sure when we will have
    WiFi again but I’ll email you when we do. I love you so much and surely do miss you!

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