Awake your soul.

Do you ever wonder what you made for? Why you were born?

 Some of you would answer that you made to be a mother, a father, a musician, a teacher, a worker, a sister, a brother… But does that mean your purpose ends when your children no longer need mothering, or your hands can no longer make music, or you get too old or tired to teach…

Your purpose goes beyond what you do. It’s about a love story. Do you know it? Are you living it?

I heard a beautiful song today. The words repeated over and over again, “Awake my soul for you were made to meet your Maker.”

This isn’t a song about accepting impending death. No, it’s so much more than that. It’s about meeting your Maker right now. Heaven on earth. While you’re washing laundry. Mowing your lawn. Filing papers. Rocking your babies. While you’re sitting alone. Calming the storms.

Where is your burning bush moment going to happen today? Where is God going to show up? Because trust me, He will. He is. He’s been pursuing you all this time. It’s what you made for. Even if you try to deny it.

So awake your soul. Meet your Maker. Right here and now. And know the fullness of life.

A love that will not break your heart.

Listen to the song here. And then go back and read this again while you listen to it.

Awaken your soul to the One who’s always loved you.


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