Beautiful brains

My daughter is super quiet at school. She doesn’t say a word. Then she gets home and we have conversations like the one below. Keep in mind that she’s supposed to be eating during this time, but there’s just so much she’s got to get out that lunch takes a very long time.

Her, “Why are grapes green inside?”

Me, “Cause that’s how God made them.”

Her, “What if they were blue?”

Me, “Then they would be blue inside.”

Her, “If chickies were red all over then they would be Clifford the Red Dog.”

Me, “Wouldn’t they still be chickens?”

Her, “No, cause it’s Clifford.”

Then, she bit the side of her hardboiled egg and started squishing it together like a mouth. “This is how Elmo talks.”

At this point I’m just nodding. Don’t really know what to say to that. And I’m hungry.

“The Caterpillar on Alice and Wonderland is really funny. The letters come out of his mouth.”

I’m nodding.

“Mommy, I’m full.”

She’s only eaten some grapes and the egg. She’s got so much energy. I had this strange notion that sending her to school would help to get out all this energy, but it’s quite the opposite. It gets her brain going, her thoughts whirring, her body anxious to move.  The strange thing is that she doesn’t want to go to school, but afterwards she’s glad she went. She doesn’t stop talking about all that she did until her had hits the pillow. Once we get that creative energy pumping, it’s hard to slow down…

How awesome is that?

And I bet we’re the same.

Do you feel stagnant? Maybe it’s time to force yourself to move. Do that thing which you know you should be doing but don’t to do. The more you read your Bible the more you will crave it. The more water you drink, the more you will want. The more you do that which you shouldn’t be doing … the more you’ll gravitate towards it. We are creatures of habit, and we must make our habits good…

So… I’ve got to go because my kids are bouncing off the walls. We’re going to go the park so they can keep expressing all this energy that learning has stirred up. God bless our beautiful brains.


3 thoughts on “Beautiful brains

  1. Hi Katie—-I wish I could set with you and yours for a while. We want to come up for a day for a few hours, maybe go to lunch and also this park, we’d really like to do this. Maybe you could suggest a time and a date for us. Love you lots, Grandpa Mann and Susan. Oh and we’d like to bring your sisters but they seem kind of maybe distant right now. What do you think? Love all of you.

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