Izzy has a cold sore. It’s her second one ever. She got her first one last summer before she started school.

Her father and I do not get them.

So that means she probably got it from someone else.  She doesn’t drink out of other people’s drinks or eat off of other people’s plates. She’s sort of a germ-a-phobe. So that means that an adult had to have shared their drink with her. Or shared their food with her. Someone, a responsible adult most likely, passed this on to her.

And she will most likely have to deal with this for the rest of her life.

This really upsets me.

And as I was driving home from dropping her off at school today, I wondered if I do the same thing with my personal issues. Is there something in my life that I deal with that I infect other people with? At the time, I found a hundred examples of people doing that to me, but I had a hard time finding it in my own life. I also hate cheesy associations and stopped thinking about it.

Let’s just say this day has started off horrible. Lots of little things went wrong. They compounded with the bigger issues taking place outside of my home and outside of my immediate family until I was completely consumed with fatigue, frustration, and hurt. I was short with my daughters. Eva, in turn, has been upset all morning.

I infected her.

And there were other people too.

I’m not talking about going to people with problems. We need each other. God’s comfort comes through His people, so if we are not comforting, then His people are not being comforted. 

There’s a big difference between going to people for advice and prayer because you’ve had a bad day, verses snapping at people and being unfairly short or rude because you’ve had a bad day. Or a bad week. Or a bad year.

I have had my day completely ruined by someone else’s comments before. Even if they aren’t true or relevant, if they are directed at me, it will upset me.  And I can think of at least one other person, aside from my daughters, who was affected negatively by my interaction with them today. I am completely justified in feeling the way I do today. There is a lot going on in the world outside of my home. But I am not justified in infecting someone else.


It’s like plucking the arrows out of your own back and chucking them around. They’re gonna land on someone. And that person will hurt too. We’ve got to pull the arrows out carefully and set them on the ground. Step on them. Bury them. Remove their influence.


5 thoughts on “Infection.

  1. What a neat analagy (sp?) Katie.

    In reality someone could have kissed Izzy that had herpes also. That is why I don’t like to kiss on the lips and kiss on the cheek.

  2. You talked of finding your boot straps a couple of days ago and I liked that so here’s what I think. If George Washington hadn’t been brave we might still be governed by England. If Abraham Lincoln hadn’t been brave we might still have slaves and a divided country. We need to be careful about not being brave because life might just pass us by. Love you, GP

  3. What a beautiful writer you are. And I especially like this post. Just last week my husband and I had a conversation about how simple interactions with strangers that last only a minute or two can have a profound effect (positive or negative…) on our day. I complimented a woman on her shoes and she seemed so happy as she said thank you. Then a couple minutes later someone was very rude to my 3 yr. old and me. It was hard not to let that person ruin my day. Thankfully I was with my hubby and boys who make me so happy, but I totally see what you are saying here. Thanks for sharing it! And thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂

    1. Thanks Secret mommy for visiting my blog in return. I loved your ideas and even went and found an old box that we could turn into a matchbox car garage. I have two girls though so we ended up making butterflies 🙂

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