They do as we do.

If you’re a mom or dad…

Your little ones are watching, listening, learning.

My daughters are beautiful, and they look just like me. Every once in a while, I catch myself picking apart my looks in the mirror, and then I notice a gorgeous little four-year-old watching me. Confused. She usually asks, “Mommy, what are you doing?”

And then I snap out of it, see her beauty, and say, “Just being silly.”

I turn away from that mirror. Just as I hope she will do. Cause she’s the most beautiful thing in the world. And I know, I know that if I waste too much time disparaging my looks, that one day, one day, God forbid, she will connect the dots.

Truth is, we’re all a work of art. Each second well spent, blood pulsing, hearts pumping, brains thinking, nerve-endings firing, hearts feeling so much, bodies capable of everything.

If I ever doubted the existence of a loving God, all I have to is turn my eyes to my daughters. Heaven help me, but for God to have created such beauty in them, HE MUST BE AMAZING TO BEHOLD.

If you are a mom or dad,

click here.



One thought on “They do as we do.

  1. I ne3ver thought of this earlier in my life but now that I am older I do see what we do to our children. Well sritten Katie.

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