Story time with Mama Ristow.

This is how it began…

I had read the stories, said the prayers, and sang the songs. I was tucking my four year old into bed when she blurted out something about how Daddy had done a trick with the car while I was inside the store. I asked if she was telling on him and she answered, “No,” through a sweet little giggle. And then she elaborated about how monkeys had stolen the car and driven it around Medford.

I told her I had an even better story. “And it’s a true story…” I explained.

“My mom used to have meetings at the house when I was little. One evening, she sent me outside to play while she talked with the adults. Well, I was feeling a little feisty. I went into the backyard, grabbed the wheelbarrow, and filled it up with a bunch of our white chickens. Then I pushed the wheelbarrow up and around to the front door and rang the doorbell. When mom answered the door, I pushed the wheelbarrow full of chickens past her and into the house. Up and down the hall I went, past all the people, and then out the back door before mom could catch me.”

Izzy laughed so hard that she buried her face in her pillow. Then she looked up with a huge smile and said, “Now I have a story. You wont believe me but it’s true.”

For those of you reading this on facebook, you’ll know what followed. It was an amazing tale about snow monkeys and kangaroos on the roof. When she finished, I said, “Izzy that was a great story. But, you know that mommy’s story was really really true, don’t you?”

“Yes! Mine was true too. You wont believe me, but it’s true.”

Back and forth we went. Sharing stories. Each and every one of mine absolutely true. But I suppose to a four year old raised in the city limits, she had no point of reference other than that we must have been playing a game. Her stories kept getting bigger and better, both of us laughing. Even Eva had scooted to the edge of her crib to listen, legs hanging through the slats, sleepy eyes drooping. And then I would take my turn, sharing something even bigger and better. All of it true.

You should have seen her face when I told her about my pony with one eye.

Me, mom, and some puppies.



11 thoughts on “Story time with Mama Ristow.

  1. Oh Katie,

    That was too wonderful. Thank you for sharing the way you do. I loved the picture of you and your Mom and all you write is so from the depths of your heart. I love you, Honey. God bless you and your dear family.


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