This is all I have to say about this right now.

I have to trust God that the work of His hand will not be halted by the asinine comments of others. That the insensitive comments made by Christians will not not undo what my mother worked and prayed so hard for, even up until her very last breath.

I beg of my friends in Redding and beyond to speak in gentleness and humility as they walk among the broken hearts of those of us who lost something valuable last May. I beg of you not to stomp through it all in the name of Christ. Because HE gets down in the gutter with us in our brokenness and helps us to rise from the ashes. Oh Jesus, forgive us for what we have done!

I caution you before you post on facebook your opinions, to guard your heart and mind and tongue and fingers. Is what you are about to say hurtful? Could it potentially make the pain worse for someone? God is not hurtful. God is gentle. He is humble. He is also an avenger.

And He cautions us all to beware should we lead someone astray.

This is not a statement for or against any certain situation, not to one person in particular (but rather several). This comes from a broken heart as I read through comments made on a social media sight. Comments made by people who were not in my mother’s home the night she died. Comments made by people who did not hold her hand and shed tears over her body and hand her over to Jesus. Comments made by people who did not then have to prepare her body and cope with the awful things that followed. There are, however, family members on facebook that WERE there. Family members who held her hand and cried and prepared her body and had to cope with what followed. Family members that are now reading very insensitive comments on facebook.

Remember all of the others that knew her. A mother that raised her. A brother that has been apart of her entire life. Who helped raise her children. A sister-in-law who came into my mother’s life while still in her teens and loved her to her last moment. A neice who helped brush my mom’s hair and made her look peaceful even after her spirit had departed. And so many others.

These are the people many of you are combating on facebook. You didn’t know it was them, of course, or you probably wouldn’t have said the things you said. Remember the friends, the family, the co-horts in ministry. Remember the daughter that knew her for 28 years. The last person to look into her mother’s open eyes. The person that was there in her very last moment.

Remember. And ask… how would Jesus want me to respond? As you celebrate, do not forget those that are healing at a perfectly normal pace. Sometimes celebration can happen quietly. It does not need to be shouted among the hurting and healing. Sometimes silence truly is golden. There is a time and a place for the shouting and party that comes with new beginnings. I am not saying that facebook is that place… and I’m not saying it’s not.

I hope this will be the last thing I post publicly about this certain situation. And do not argue with me on this post or publicly on facebook. I just do not have it in me right now. You may message me privately if you’d like with questions, but I may or may not answer you. Instead… just walk in the gentleness of Christ. The Savior that walked right up to the lepper, put His hands on the open sores and healed them! This is the God we serve! Oh Jesus… make me more like you!


2 thoughts on “This is all I have to say about this right now.

  1. Katie you have written a very good message. You have shown great sensitivity. As I told you in my last facebook message I will not say anything to you again unless you initiate the discussion.
    I apologize about posting to Debbie that she would be my new daughter-in-law. Your mom is my daughter-in-law in Heaven.
    I will be sending you messages on facebook it will be about what me and gramps are doing, etc. so please check them out. I love you with all my heart and I am so sorry that you are hurting!

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