A story of rescue… part 2

Imagine if Snow White had woken up from the prince’s kiss of life and said, “I don’t really like your clothes. I think I’ll keep looking.” Or if Sleeping Beauty had spurned her prince after he fought Malificent, the terrifying dragon. “Thank you for risking your life, but I’m just not ready for that type of commitment. Find me in a few years.” What if Jasmine had toyed with Aladdin, back and forth, saying, “Today I’ll be yours. Tomorrow… not sure.”

Those responses would have changed everything. And how would it have changed our perception of the princes if they had been okay with such mediocrity?

There’s something very unappealing about someone who wont stick up for themselves. Who doesn’t demand a certain level of respect.  It seems more appropriate that Prince Charming would have said, “I don’t think so. This is my love. Take it or leave it. But you may not just take me off the shelf when you need me, and put me back up there when you don’t want me.”

And would we have faulted them for that? Absolutely not. None of us want to be treated that way.  We want all or nothing, because that in- between stuff hurts worse than anything else.  Even the Bible tells us that being lukewarm is the worst thing to be.

So why would we expect anything less from God? Do we want a God that doesn’t care if we want to roll around in our own filth? Do we want a God that is fine with us choosing just any old way to get to Him? On our own time?

That’s no kind of marriage at all. When I gave Nick my heart, it was all of it or none of it. He didn’t get to pick and choose what parts of me he wanted, and what parts he wanted to get rid of. He didn’t get to mold me and fashion me into something different. I was who I was. And I demanded all of him in return. I wouldn’t share then and I wont share now. And you know what? It’s worth it.

God doesn’t share. He wants all of your heart. Sure enough He’s always there, ready to welcome us back with open arms. But if we mess up, we still got to deal with what we did. If we roll in the mud, we still have to take a bath. If we jump off that cliff, we still have to land, be taken to the hospital, and heal from the broken bones. Sometimes when He takes away our blindness… we have to walk around with the mud in our eyes for a little while… Not because He’s cruel, but because He loves us. He is that shepherd…

If we’re honest with ourselves, that’s the kind of love we want. That’s the kind of God we want. A God that will fight for us, a God that is jealous for us, a God that will help us get out of that mess… one. step. at. a. time.  A God that wont get pushed around, a God that knows His way is the right way and warns us so that we don’t waste our time. A God that is gentle when we come back with bruises and scars, and says, “Will you let me heal you now?”

It’s all for love.

For a God that already gave everything to rescue us. The rescue has happened. And, as absurd as it sounds, some of us are still running away, back up to that tower, behind the locked doors, saying, “I don’t want to be rescued.”

Or even, “You didn’t rescue me the way I wanted to be rescued.”

This is the One we have waited for… Jesus, Lord and Savior.

Oh my friends… when Love Himself knocks on your door, don’t be the foolish one to say, “Not now. Come back later.”







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