Destiny’s story. A story of life.

Today, I am sharing with you all something that a friend of mine has written. Her name is Destiny and I met her in college in 2000 when I moved into the dorms. She lived in the room next to mine and is someone I will always consider friend. Her life is a testimony of God’s love and faithfulness. Here is one small, but monumental, part of her life story. This is not a story of condemnation or guilt, but rather a story of God’s will, which is so far above our own, and a story about how His ways are higher than ours. Faith is the substance of things unseen.

“My mother was only 19 years old and pregnant again.  She was six months along in her pregnancy and already had several ultrasounds for some developmental problems the fetus seemed to be showing.  At six months of pregnancy, they were able to see the fetus more clearly and called her with the news.  “You need to come to my office.” The Dr. solemnly stated.

She went to the Doctor’s office in a hurry, by herself.  The Doctor delivered the news, “This fetus is not viable.  It is severely mentally retarded and malnourished and will not be able to live outside the womb.  Even if it does live, it will not have a good quality of life.  We will have to perform a therapeutic abortion.”  The method used was to give the mother a saline abortion that basically chemically burned the fetus to death and it was then delivered, dead.  Of course, the details are never given to the mother.  No sense burdening her with that information when she is already struggling with “choices.” Therapeutic was a fancy word used to make the mother feel better and the insurance company cover all costs, since this would be a late term abortion.  We use fancy words to cover up evil everyday. “Pro-choice” sounds much better than “murder”.

“No, it’s my baby. I still want to keep it!” My mother said feeling a variety of emotions.

“What?!  No, you’re being selfish.  It will need all sorts of care…” He said with forceful anger.

Handicapped or not, alive for only a few moments or a few months, my Mom did not care.  She would not take part in murdering a child that carried half her DNA and currently resided in the safe refuge of her womb.  She left the office in tears and cried all the way home.

My mother delivered the fetus that ended up becoming a baby (turns out, if left untouched, all fetuses become babies!  A miracle really).  And although some would say she has a larger then normal head (more figuratively than physically), she’s pretty normal.  She currently resides in the city of Lockport, married with three children and college educated.  And I for one am happy my mother “chose” to keep me.”


Destiny with her husband.

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