In Christ alone.

I started this week off so ready to run this marathon called New Testament November. Remember how I said that day two and three would be great???? Ugh. What a week this has been. Feels like everything that could go wrong has. We’re exhausted emotionally and physically.

I can’t imagine how much worse it would have been had I not been anchored in the Word of God. That doesn’t mean I didn’t make mistakes. Hahaha… I wish. Nope, it just means that I recognized my bad attitude. It means my brain didn’t stay settled in anxiety for very long. But there were moments. Oh my. Just ask Nick.

But the hope that Jesus offers says to us that we don’t have to stay there. Stuck in the mire. There’s more. This is not the end. Today, there’s another option.

There’s a daily chance to rise up and say that, no, we’re not going to wallow in our old selves. Nope. We’re gonna tell that “old self” to be quiet, and let our spirit talk more loudly. Or the voice of Christ. The voice of truth.

So… let’s try this again.

Do me a favor, copy and paste the below link into your browser. I promise, again, that it will be worth your time. Push play and listen.

Or… click on “Owl City” on my blog roll and scroll down till you see “My Hope is Found” and push play.


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