Loving the one you’re with…

Here’s my post for today, but you’ll have to read it over at this amazing site : http://www.earthmonkeymoms.com/2010/11/loving-one-youre-with.html. And this one is all about “Loving the one you’re with…”

I am apart of an incredible community over at http://www.earthmonkeymoms.com. These moms face life with young kids with humor, faith, and encouragement. They’ll make you laugh, cry, and and feel every other emotion as you read through their weekly writings on their adventures with their kiddos and men and everything in between. I urge you to subscribe to their blog, or to check in three times a week, or daily (like me). They’re also working on launching a line of echo friendly baby products!!!

For some strange reason they asked me to be a guest contributor today. I feel so honored. Please go check it out, and while you’re there read some of their other stuff. You will be blessed by these ladies, I PROMISE!  I know I already have been.

Also, they’re the finalists of “The Bump’s” annual contest for favorite blog. If you’ve got time, head on over to their blog (in my blog roll) and vote. Thanks!

EM Description:

Earth Monkeys was created by real moms…and we’re excited to launch our new line of eco-friendly baby/toddler aka “monkey” accessories. The bibs, paci-pacs and porta pads are light weight and easy to take on the go and are a more environmentally friendly choice against the disposable alternative offered by large diaper brands.
Serve moms with great on the go gear that is CUTE and eco-friendly!
On-the-go accessories to make your life a little easier… sneak peak coming soon!



3 thoughts on “Loving the one you’re with…

  1. Katie… Earth Monkey Moms LOVE you!!! You’re amazing and such a blessing to have on our team! Although we’ve only met briefly in “real lie” I feel like I know you and love you like a sister! Thank you!!!

  2. Oh Lindsay… I love you too 🙂 And I keep having dreams about you. Strange. I wonder what God is speaking to me…

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