Elvis, babies, full house…

Lessons from Elvis and Jesse Catsopolis from Full House…



this was actually a cute movie...


Jesse finally gets his record deal, but with one catch: he has to come up with a top 40 song. His family had planned a camping trip, but he doesn’t go because he has to write this song. There’s an argument that leads to the family driving off in a van, and Jesse going to a diner where he runs into “Elvis”.

“You know what my problem is?” he tells Elvis. “I’ve got twins on the way. They’re the reason I’m working so hard. I want them to be able to look on the walls and see my platinum records. To know that their daddy made something of himself. To be proud of me.”

To which Elvis replies, “Babies don’t care about platinum records. All they care is if their daddy loves them and is there to hug and kis them.”

Jesse seems to have an epiphany, jumps on his motorcycle, and finds his family. He says, “I’m sorry for being like that. I was just going through a lot of stress.” His family all says, “Don’t worry about it. We understand.”

But Michelle says, “I don’t understand. You broke a promise.”

And that’s it. Our children don’t care about our accomplishments. I mean, they might thinks it’s cool one day, but it doesn’t have a part in shaping who they are. Unless it makes them hate what we’ve been working for, because it stole us from them. Our  accomplishments don’t make them stronger, or closer to God, or more assured or our love. It’s our presence that does that.

All your babies want is your love. For you to be there to love and kiss them. That’s what changes lives.

Elvis leaves him with this last bit of advice, “Success isn’t the things you do in life. Success is being a good husband, a good father, a good family member, a good friend.”




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