I wish I could see her wash dishes.

This is my mom.

I woke up to the sound of “Mommy, mommy, mommy” this morning. As if my little daughter was calling me out of the dream I was having. It was an amazing dream, or a heart-wrenching dream; whichever way you take it. But it was one of those dreams that will stay with me forever I think, cause it was about my mom.

In the dream, I was visiting my parents’ old house- the one that I grew up in. My mom and dad were standing at the sink and my mom was doing dishes vigorously. I froze in the doorway and just stared at her because my last memory of her had been her in bed, sick and weak.

My dad said, “The doctor’s say she’s been healed. The cancer is gone.” And mom just looked over her shoulder at me with a smile, all without stopping with the dishes. She went on to tell me all of the thing she was going to do that day, bubbles and water flying everywhere.

I stepped closer and said, “Mom, can I just hug you?”

She put down the dishes and wrapped her arms around me. And it felt real. I wasn’t hugging the shell of who she once was. She wasn’t skinny and hard. Her soft arms held me tightly.

And in the embrace of my mother, a little voice started calling, “Mommy, mommy, mommy.”


6 thoughts on “I wish I could see her wash dishes.

  1. Katie, we are given dreams to encourage and hold us at times like this. What a special, precious memory! You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful “memory” and reminder of better days.
    God loves you so much!!! And so do we!!! Wish I could give you a hug like when you were a little girl!!!! I remember your long hair and bubbly personality with your mom smiling behind you!!!

  2. Katie, what a lovely dream! Maybe you should speak to your friend for an interpretation. Your mom is still in her “tent” She told us that she loved us last night.

    Love you

  3. Katie,
    I am praying for your family, I know your heart is broken right now. I read your fathers progress post about your mothers being told to “Think Bigger”. For her to walk in both worlds is amazing, and to give you glimpses into eternity and it’s wonder and beauty. Sister, there are no words of comfort I may impart. I am praying for you, your family, your mother, and your father. God Bless you.

  4. Wow, I think that is a beautiful dream. It puts in perspective the little things, like washing dishes, and how meaningful and wonderful little things like that can be. God sure blesses your family with dreams 🙂

  5. Katie,
    I remember you in that house when you were little too. As you described this dream I could see it all. I am so thankful God gives us glimpses of home when we need it the most. He takes us to the place of love and comfort. The place we laughed and cried but most of all the place where we truly lived. The memories that get tucked away in our minds is such a beautiful thing. We can pull them out anytime we need too and be with those we love. I can still see my Grandma making homemade cinnamon rolls and if I try really hard I can almost smell them.
    Bless you my friend, Love always, Donna

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