Seeing the Unseen

I love my husband. I love that I am apart of his story. That I get to be apart of seeing how God is redeeming the events of his conception and childhood. I am so thankful that decisions made before he was even a twinkle in anyone’s eye did not have the final say in who he is… but that God did. That while no one knew… Nick was being fashioned into God’s image.

starting new

God owns his spirit. God is the author of Nick’s days.

I had the proof that God can redeem the past sitting in my living room this evening. Tonight, we met Nick’s biological grandma for the first time. I am so thankful that we are apart of her life. I am so thankful that there is no age limit on when God can bring you something new.

I am so thankful that we are not saved by anything of our own doing… but that it is Christ Himself that saves us. Him alone. He offers, and we have the choice to accept or not accept.

And that’s it.

To my friends and family that don’t know my Savior yet . . . will you please just give Him a chance? See just how wonderfully He can transform what once was . . . those yucky memories, feelings, actions . . . into something unexpected . . .

Into hope.


6 thoughts on “Seeing the Unseen

  1. so well put and not only that but think how he was born to be a part of salvation to those who are now in his life. and the love & forgiveness that are now taking place. God’s plan is soooo big more than we can every comprehend. we look at quilt that has all the knots and strings hanging and HE is looking at the finished quilt. Keep on writing Katie u so bless me! a gift God gave u that u inherited from your mom & dad. such a tool! may the Lord give u more and more to share to encourage others. luv u,

  2. I keep waiting for this to happen. Waiting for eyes to open to who God truly is. And as I wait, I pray. I pray that those whom I love will come to know Jesus Christ as their personal and redeeming Savior.

    Sometimes I wait for my own eyes to see more clearly, to have a new perspective, to be more appreciative and to truly see that God is amazing!

    I have this hope in my heart, this truth dwelling within me. Still, there are times when I know that I have put limits on God…but God is limitless!

    And then there are times when I see glimpses of who God has for me to be. Times when I see even more of who God is…and those moments are truly amazing! I pray for them more in my life and in yours, Katie.

    I thank God that you were able to have a moment like this today. I thank God for Nick…and for the life you two are buiding together. Love you.

    1. I’ve seen it happen so many times, Michelle, that I know it’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when.”

  3. A very touching post. I am always touched when you speak of your husband, as your admiration, respect, and love are evident. He must be a true man of God. God Bless and keep you and yours

  4. What beautiful God-given insight Katie! You are truly being used by the Holy Spirit! That’s my baby always.

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