Last night I climbed up on the roof.

So I knelt by my bedside and asked God to heal my mom again. I immediately fell asleep and had a dream. A dream that I’m still thinking through, so I’m not going to share it yet. I woke up suddenly with words on my tongue. It was unusual.

And since I wont share that, I will share a vision I had of my mom. I know I must sound weird now, talking about dreams and visions, but hey… it’s in the Bible. A promise that the young and old will dream dreams and have visions and rise up and walk and run. And I’m going to receive it all. Anything that the Holy Spirit will pour out, I will receive!!! Amen.

Last weekend, I was worshiping in church, with my eyes open, and I had a vision of my mom.

She was standing under a waterfall, with her hands and face turned upward into the water. She was smiling, smiling as a woman who was finally throwing off the rubbish of the world and was beholding the glory of God.

As I looked up the waterfall, I saw my family. My dad, sisters, husband, my kids, and myself. We were scooping up water from the waterfall and pouring it over my mom.

We were baptizing her.

let it rain

5 thoughts on “amen

  1. Katie,
    My wife and I are sitting in our office, weeping for you and your mother. We know what she has is tough, and it is in Gods hand, but we remind God that this is an excellent opportunity for Him to be glorified through a miracle. I have been praying that daily since I heard your story. Your faith, visions, and dreams are leading you to a different level in your walk. God be with you and yours

  2. I want to throw off the rubbish of the world and behold the face of God with her. I have wondered, Katie, since I read your blog of digging through the roof to put a friend in front of Jesus for healing, if that is what her intercession is doing for us. Is there a chance that as she beholds the face of God that she sees the things that are keeping us from true life and is lowering us through the roof in intercession. 1 John 5:16. I want it, here and now. I pray God’s healing over Dawn for the love of the Burroughs family, for His glory, but also that the glory and honor and power of God would be proclaimed through her lips in this place.

  3. Sometimes God wakes me up in the middle of the night to pray for your mom. He’s done that before, but usually its people I am really close to, not someone I’ve never met. I love that you are sharing a piece of your heart, and faith with us. God loves your mom so much, and I think the dreams and visions, and the waking us up in the middle of the night is a little bit of Him sharing His heart with us. So, with that said. I want you to know I will climb on that roof with you 🙂

  4. Katie, it is so wonderful when God shows His face to us through our loved ones! I have operated through dreams most of my life. It is a God-given gift. There are many men of God that help with the interpretation of dreams. I, like you, want all that God has for me. I long for the Holy Spirit to take over my life and lead me to that spot.
    I love you so much. Thank you for sharing your dream!

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