Mutual case of poison ivy

Have you heard about the “7 year itch?”  It’s some rule in the married world- at seven years you’re both supposed to get “itchy.” Nick and I are coming up on the horizon of our seventh anniversary.

But we’re okay. More than okay. We’re great.

Me staring at him...

He’s my absolute best friend. The best man I’ve ever known. Of course we get angry at each other, annoyed, frustrated … but I have never wanted to get away from him. I have always wanted to be right at his side. Honestly. And that is a gift straight from the Father above.

I think of so many now, as I type this. My fifteen year old sister who is a child with adult responsibilities. My friends in their late twenties who have wanted to be married for SOOOO long, and yet continue to be obedient and WAIT. My parents who are fighting a battle that most will never know.

In the garden, God said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” And so He gave man “Eve.” They were naked and happy and unashamed. I think that’s what marriage is supposed to be.

It helps that we have the same goal. His name is Jesus. And that is the ONLY thing that has saved us. Our life preserver in the midst of storms, sleeper waves, and undertow currents. With my anchor in Christ alone, I’m steadied. I’m always safe, no matter what’s hitting me.

And… I think… that we were made for each other.

Oh friends… it is so worth the wait. In every sense of the word. Cause the storms are gonna hit you. Trust me. And it sure makes a difference to have a good man, the right man, at your side.

(My excuse for such sappiness? I went through our wedding pics last night. What can I say?)


2 thoughts on “Mutual case of poison ivy

  1. Yep!! That always does it for me also. Sure as I start going through Mike and my wedding pics, all the memories come rushing back in on me. Mostly good memories, sometimes great memories. We were so happy together and I will admit, he spoiled me to the end. There was never another Mike out there, and for me, losing him was like losing one of my arms and legs.

  2. Hello,
    Glad you were able to stop by my blog. I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for your family and your mother to have a full recovery. God has no limits on what he can do, and we are praying that your mother will be healed and fully restored to health. You are welcome to stop back by my site anytime and hopefull be encouraged. God Bless you and your family

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