The sound of sugar cookies

Love them.

I’m baking sugar cookies with my little Izzy and then I remember.

My Mom is sick. Izzy asks me something and the sound of  her saying, “Mommy,” breaks my heart because my mom is hurting.

I’m listening to the Bethel live CD and the singer keeps saying, “What does is sound like when heaven comes down?”

I think maybe, sometimes, heaven on earth is the sound of me crying over sugar cookies. I know there are no tears in heaven. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about when my heart wrenches in two and I have NO words to fit the cry of my soul. Or when I feel something so strongly that I cannot find my voice, but somehow I know that God is hearing me more clearly than ever!

The next song says, “I need You Lord, more than yesterday! More than words can say! ”

And though I don’t understand why … me and Izzy are suddenly singing and eating sugar cookies in the living room. Because the sound of heaven is my living room. Giving praise to the Giver of all good things. He gave me my mom. My lovely daughters. My husband on his way home from work. My friends who will read this and cry with me. Music to praise Him to.

May the sound of heaven find you today…


3 thoughts on “The sound of sugar cookies

  1. i am new to your story and my heart is hurting for your family tonight. i will be praying for your mom, and i’m not just saying that. may you be surrounded by the peace of God. 🙂

  2. Beautiful words Katie. Love that picture of Izzy and Eva also. I also love that they always look so happy. I love the thought of having a grandson and that he found such a beautiful, sweet lady. I love the thought of having two beautiful great granddaughers.

    What I don’t love is that it took 27 years for me to know about a grandson!!

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