unforgettable lasagna

I love rainy days.  I like how rain smells and sounds. I like how it changes the look of everything. I like that rain brings life.

clean again

I used to love icecream. I’ve recently become lactose intolerant, so the pleasure of it is not worth the pain. But thanks to a wonderful little pill, I ate a Wendy’s frosty last night for the first time.

I loved it when Susan Bailey sent me a lasagna dinner all the way from Redding, just because she wanted to encourage me.

I love it when people ask me how my mom is. Or how I am doing. It’s always on my mind. While I’m watching the rain, or eating icecream, or planning dinner. My mom’s face is always there. Right next to the lasagna.

Confession time:

I hate it when people who think my faith is ridiculous try to encourage me by saying, “Well, we all need something to get us through the day.” As if my faith is relative. As if we all get to choose what matters in life. As if our opinions or beliefs have any bearing on who God is. Because they don’t. God is. With or without me. I’m just grateful that He DOES love me and want me; that He is my rescue in the midst of this tumbling ocean called cancer. Don’t tell me He’s not, because from where I’m standing, in the midst of the fire, He’s crystal clear. I knew Him before this, and I know Him now. He literally is the breath I’m breathe every second of every day.


3 thoughts on “unforgettable lasagna

  1. encouraged. =) kates – i so appreciate you, your words, your heart, and the fact that you’re so genuine. wish i could be there with you right now, my friend. eating ice cream, laughing, talking, crying – if need be. xoxo

  2. verse 1:
    I thought that it would happen to anyone but me
    I never dreamed that i would carry this heavy burden on my knees
    I never thought that i’d be standing just where i stand today
    I’ve never known this kind of heart break
    I’ve never felt this kind of pain

    You’re still God when my eyes have cried a million tears
    You’re still God when my last hope has disappeared
    You’re still God and I know you’ll make a way somehow
    You’re still God and you’re holding me right now

    Verse 2:
    My heart cant find the answer for the reason for this trial
    and Lord I know your ways are perfect And You’ve been watching all the while
    for to me You’ve proven faithful time and time again
    and i’m learning Lord to trust You
    even when i dont understand

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