i’m terrified of my garbage disposal.

The Ristows
I love him.

i don’t know why i’m doing this… yet.

why  “ristow’s wife”? because if you ask me who i am that is one of the first things that comes to mind. i married nick. i took his name and all that came with it.  one of my greatest joys is when people give my hubby a chance. get to know him. see how his mind works. see why he is the way he is. i love him. i believe in him. the greatest way to hurt me is to hurt him.

lower case letters? because i am a grammar freak. sometimes to an obsessive point. so i’m forcing my hand on this. must. not. capitalize. ahhhh… the agony… this wont last long.

in a word (or two) who are you?


3 thoughts on “i’m terrified of my garbage disposal.

  1. remember the joke we’ve always had…about our starbucks visit with nick and his friends. well, i’ve always looked back on that fondly…knowing now what i didn’t know then. and i can say now that my new favorite moments with him must be when i last visited you all in redding. that was a wonderful visit! love you…all of you. =)

  2. lower case is faster so it works for me too. 🙂
    i am 49, married 24 years this June, mom to 5 kids ages 17 to almost 11. over 8 years ago i was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and that began a journey that changed my life, and my family. while i am much better these days, i still have issues that suck much joy and peace from my life. my faith is still trying to heal from all i’ve been through, and still continue to go through. my family has been attending Grace Baptist for several years but i am needing worship and teaching that is more contemporary, so i am wanting to switch to LCC. last Sunday i wanted to visit and was very thankful for the bigger privacy room. sometimes during church i need to eat for blood sugar reasons and being in there really worked for me-i would like to go back this week.
    that’s enough about me. 🙂

  3. Impossible!! There is no way in a word or two that I can tell you “who I am”. To shorten it as much as possible I will just say “I am here and if you and Nick think about me as much as I think about you’all, then to many of your thoughts would be about me.”

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